Tire Services

When it comes to the importance of your tires nothing can be overstated. Tires are almost quite literally the foundation of your car. Tires always need to be under a watchful eye, you need to look out for punctures, low tread and to make sure you have the tires to fit whatever season it is.

Tire Changes:

No tire should be worn down to the point that the idea of a tread is a long gone idea. Tires need treads for traction and the safety of you and everyone else on the road. Make sure to continually check the tread in your tires to make sure that you get them changed as soon as needed. We will check your tire tread for you or you can do a Toonie test yourself to make a quick check. Simply insert a Toonie in-between the tire tread and check to see how car you can go. If the tread pattern reaches the lettering and only the lettering it’s time to consider bringing in new tires.

Winter Tire Changes:

Driving on Saskatchewan roads without a good set of winter tires is dangerous and difficult. Roads get slippery and snow is hard to travel through and winter tires design and material is essential for giving you control on those icey roads. A lot of people wonder “When it is ok to change my tires from normal to winter tires?” When temperature starts dropping below -7 C is when the winter tires start becoming useful but be careful you don’t want to be caught up in the rush of people also deciding to put on their tires at the same time or worse be caught up in the middle of the road be late from work because you didn’t have the right tires on and unexpected snowfall hit last night. So you’re going to want to change your tires any time after the middle of September, but don’t wait too long, it’s better to be early and prepared than late and in a panic.

Flat Tire Repair:

Tires get damaged, it’s unfortunate but it happens to the best of us. You run over a nail or your tire just starts leaking air and you can’t figure out why. Bringing it to the right people is the best thing you can do. We offer a quick repair to any and all tires and will take the time to tell you what happened and what we did to get your tire back on the road.

Storage of Tires:

Tires are just a pain to store on your own. They take up way to much space and a pain to move around. Don’t worry about it, we offer storage on all tires of any size and make sure your winter or regular set of tires is kept safe and in good condition.

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