Do you really need to change your oil? What does changing your oil do?

YES, change your oil! Changing Oil is very important, simply put the oil is essential to your car, its health and its longevity. Keeping your cars oil up to date can really save you and your wallet some stress. So what does oil actually do? Well there are about three main things that oil does for your car.

Clean Oil Means a Clean Engine

Cars are filthy, not just on the outside but on the inside too. Engines build up a lot grime and sludge. This is detrimental, all of this grime is working against your engine, slowing it down and destroying it from the inside out. Luckily your oil washes it away, not forever though. Unfortunately oil can only help you out so much. Your oil will eventually get so dirty from the dirt and grime it cleaned up that it will become sludge. This sludge will slow down your engine, so you need to change it as soon as it starts to become dirty. If you check your oil regularly you’ll hopefully catch this change in your oil before it becomes a problem.

Keeps the Engine Running

Engines have a lot of movement going around in them. All these moving parts rub against each other and cause a lot of wear and tear on each other. Oil will keep everything in the engine well lubricated so they can run as smoothly as possible. Oil will also help keep everything cool so your engine doesn’t overheat.

Extending Your Engines Life

Oil keeps your engine healthy, and it shows. Engines that regularly kept in shape can be pushed farther than engines whose oil looks more like a black sludge than the nice golden orange it should be. Engines whose oil has been changed over its lifetime will be able to stay in shape much longer than engines whose oil has gone ignored for a very long time.

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