AC Delco Batteries

It’s no secret that car batteries in Saskatchewan have it rough. With our constantly changing climate that goes from freezing winds and entrapping snow to scorching summer days, a cheap fragile battery is going to have a tough time keeping up. In this climate you need to make sure your car is ready to run at a moment’s notice. You need something reliable, affordable and tough. A battery that is designed to be the best battery money can buy.

AC Delco batteries are designed to be what you need. AC Delco’s design includes:

-Caps designed to be resistant against acid leakage.

-Corrosion-resistant grid to maximize corrosion resistance, increased cycle life, and calcium alloy optimized to produce a fine-grain, and reduced water consumption for battery durability.

-Testing to ensure perfection

100% pressure tested to ensure heat seal.

100% electrical short testing.

100% current tested to ensure weld.

Here at Checkered Flag Automotive we offer AC Delco’s best along with a quick and easy installation to ensure that the battery can do its absolute best to get your car running like the well oil machine it is.

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